Friday, February 6, 2015

Improving the U.S. Job Situation

Fund McNichol Design & Consultng

This is my first post that I thought I would never have to put up on the Web. I worked for over ten years in IT and then lost my job as an Assistant VP for Trading Support in 2000. Afterwards, I picked up work here and there in retail but it's been really tough going. Finally it has become apparent that work has become all but non-existent for me -- and now I have been evicted and live in Texas with my partner's family.. I continue seeking employment each and every day and have applied for Social Security in an attempt to stay viable but I still am in a desperate state of affairs. It was after seeing the story about the Detroit man who has been walking to work at a minimum wage job  for over ten years, the daily commute, that I have decided to put up pages on GoFundMe and Imdiegogo as a last ditch effort to stay afloat. Keep up with my progress on: Fund McNichol Design and Life.Indiegogo.
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